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ي هذا المقرر سيتم التعرف على HTML5 ، وإصداراتها بالإضافة إلى معرفتك الفرق بين Markup & programming language . كما سيتم التعرف على : - DOCTYPE Declaration - HTML Tags. - HTML Element. - Nesting Elements. - HTML Element’s Attributes. - HTML Comments. - HTML Formatting Elements. - Break Line and Horizontal Rule. - Block-Level and inline-Level Elements. - HTML Links. - HTML Images. - HTML Table. - HTML Lists. - HTML Forms. - Form & Input Attributes. - iFrame. - Object Element. - Embed Element. - Multimedia. - Video. - Audio. - Revisiting Head section. - HTML Entities. - HTML Symbols.

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Introduction to HTML

What's HTML ?

HTML cont...

Programming Languages and Markup Languages

Getting started with HTML

HTML Document and HTML Structure

HTML Tags and Elements

Nesting Elements and Attributes

How To Write Html code?

Basic HTML5 code

Favorite Icon - Favicon

Headings in HTML

Paragraph in HTML

Line Break in HTML -New Line

Horizontal Rule Element

Span Element

Comments in HTML


Task#1 Solution


Task#2 Solution

Text Formatting : bold and Strong

Text Formatting : Practice

Text Formatting : Italic and Emphasis

Text Formatting : Practice

Text Formatting : highlighting text

Text Formatting : small tag

Text Formatting : delete and insert tags

Text Formatting : subscript and superscript

Text Formatting : Quotations

Text Formatting : Abbreviations

Text Formatting : Address

Text Formatting : Bi-Directional Override and Isolation

Text Formatting : Word Break

Text Formatting : dfn tag

Text Formatting : line break and horizontal rule

Block-Level and inline-Level Elements

Code Content Markup

Pre-formatted Text - Pre Tag

data tag

Date and Time in HTML

Anchor Element - Links

target Attribute Part#1

target Attribute Part#2

target Attribute Part#3

href Attribute :Part#1

href Attribute :Part#2

Image in HTML


Task#3 Solution

Clickable Image

map Tag with Image

Tables in HTML

colspan and rowspan in attributes

Ordered and Unordered List

Description List

HTML Forms #1

HTML Forms #2: minlength and maxlength attributes

HTML Forms #3 : date and time

HTML Forms #4 :Buttons

HTML Forms #5 : radio and checkbox

HTML Forms #6 : More types

HTML FORM#7 : Wrap up

HTML FORM #8: Label tag

HTML FROM #9: more elements

HTML FORM #10: Progress and meter

Iframe tag

Object and Embed tags

Embed Youtube video

Define Video in Webpage

Define Audio in Webpage

More about meta tag

Base tag

details and summary tags

figure and figcaption tags

div tag

webpage structure

HTML Entities


HomeWork #1 Solution